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"Figurative System of organisation of hum...

“Figurative System of organisation of human knowledge from the Encyclopédie. For an English translation see: Figurative system of human knowledge (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is no easy and effective way for thoughtful knowledge pioneers like scientists, journalists and philosophers to make the kinds of contributions of ideas and perspectives they wish to.  Blogging platforms are focused on helping publishers increase readership but they do not facilitate the kind of disciplined citation management that is required for any serious intellectual work.

In order to help knowledge pioneer to engage deeply in subject matter and make a meaningful and lasting contribution to human knowledge, I intend to create a simple software program that will focus on solving the most important problems with blogging as a medium for knowledge formation including making it easy to read and link to existing journal articles [1] or to make it very easy to find collaborators who are interested in solving the same challenges [2].

This project should start now.  The Elsevier Journal controversy [3] has finally brought to light the latent frustration among many academic researchers and students who are frustrated that a small number of private companies have the right to charge the public for access to knowledge which was the product of public works in nonprofit universities.  I agree and suggest that the current revenue model creates a great deal of friction in the process of creating new knowledge and learning which is deeply detrimental to the furthermost of public welfare and enlightenment.

Solving this problem should be a useful but also lucrative business opportunity for a Boston startup.  When done right, the proper solution to this problem should gain access to a number of important resource streams including the total government money spent on university research and the allocation of R & D resources within large established firms.  What’s more, the creation of a general purpose platform for scientific exploration will be useful in any domain  where systematic learning is of value including in the domain of founding successful and growing new entrepreneurial companies.  For instance, a knowledge base such as this could be imminently useful for rapid startup learning competitions like Lean Startup Machine.





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