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Returning to the golden age of bold progress

The Apollo Program was the pinnacle of western scientific accomplishment and the result of a collective will to act on a grand scale.


Mission Name Lunar Lander Lunar Landing Date Duration on Lunar Surface
Apollo 11 Eagle 20-Jul-69 21:31
Apollo 12 Intrepid 19-Nov-69 1 day, 7:31
Apollo 14 Antares 5-Feb-71 1 day, 9:30
Apollo 15 Falcon 30-Jul-71 2 days, 18:55
Apollo 16 Orion 21-Apr-72 2 days, 23:02
Apollo 17 Challenger 11-Dec-72 3 days, 2:59

In order to achieve these amazing results both public support and public funding were required.

What will it take for the US to return to a past of bold ideas and bold actions?  Can China fill this need in the future or must the US awaken from acquiescence and again prosecute bold projects?

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