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Floating Cities on Venus

When space colonization is mentioned many things come to mind: Mars, the Moon, the future, terraforming, and even occasionally asteroids. One thing that rarely comes to mind, however, is Venus. And why should it? After all, Venus is Earth’s sister planet from hell, registering a spicy 450 degrees C average on the surface or, in other words, hotter than Mercury. As if the temperature wasn’t enough incentive to destroy any thoughts of visiting Earth’s closest planetary neighbor, reaching the surface is practically impossible to do safely. Atmospheric pressure reaches 90 times that of ours on the surface or equivalent to being under 1 km of water. Venus also has a relatively slow rotation, completing one rotation every 243 earth days. Thus nights would last a very long time–not that you could see the sun during the day anyway. So, if Venus seems so obviously irrelevant to the idea of space colonization why make an article connecting the two? Well, it is Venus’ hellish properties that ironically make it so appealing. The common misconception about space colonization is that colonies are built on the surface. The key to a Venusian colony is it’s incredibly dense atmosphere. Remember, “…or equivalent to being under 1 km of water?” Well, things float on water; don’t they…?

Temperature and pressure on Venus:

Notice the temperature in the atmosphere and pressure at an altitude of 50km.   Remember 273K is zero degrees C or the melting point of water.  Venus also has about 1 earth gravity.

Read about the idea  HERE

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